‘Come Dance With Me’: Janglin Souls celebrates third anniversary (video)

August 4, 2016

During the summer of 2013, just prior to the release of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ third studio album, we created Janglin Souls. Our mission, to quote the late Ryder Buck, was to “share the love” and bring fans together.

Three years later, we’re proud to say that we’re still here and not going anywhere!

We have so many people to thank – all the members of ESMZ for providing us with not only beautiful music but so many magical moments that continuously remind us why we love this band so much; the entire ESMZ road crew for working so hard to put on an incredible show every night; Bryan and Stephen Ling and all the guys in the office for all their support; the band’s amazing tour manager Ryan Messick, who has been behind us since day one … and most importantly, you the fans! We have been so lucky to meet so many amazing Edward Sharpe fans during the last three years, and none of this would be possible without y’all!

In honor of our third anniversary, we have put together a video of Man on Fire performed at last year’s Arise Festival in Loveland, Colo., mixed with live clips of the song from 10 different cities from 2013-2016.

For fans who aren’t familiar with our website, we encourage you to spend some time and explore.

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  • Official ESMZ videos and fan videos

  • Art – A showcase of all the beautiful artwork created by the fans.

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We have many great things on the horizon, so stay tuned. Thanks again for all your love and support!

Om Nashi Me,

David and Michelle

“I think that’s the most powerful thing you can do in music is just move people and bring them up,” Buck said. “It’s not about being a rock star. It’s about bringing people in. You see Alex dancing around with the crowd and bringing people together, and that’s what it’s all about. That’s what music should be used for. It’s a powerful tool and a gift if you use it for the right thing. And I love it.” – Ryder Buck, October 2013

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