PersonA Preview: Uncomfortable

April 12, 2016

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will release their fourth studio album “PersonA” on April 15. In anticipation of the album release, the band is giving Sharpies a sneak peek of what’s to come. Every week, ESMZ will release a small video clip created by each band member that includes a preview of a new song from the album.

This week’s preview: Uncomfortable.

From guitarist Mark Noseworthy:

“The song Uncomfortable has been an inspiring song from the minute I first heard it. The lyrics not only speak on breaking away from views that are hard wired into us from socialization, it speaks to me personally about human growth. Some of the times in my life I have grown the most, have been from navigating through a very uncomfortable situation. People can learn a lot from these moments. People can also see their own individuality easier when they are in uncomfortable situations. It forces you to think for yourself, or realize that you aren’t thinking for yourself. I believe children grow and learn at such an incredible rate because of this. The beginning of a child’s life is mostly spent realizing they don’t know anything over and over again. Children are made to feel silly because of how they act or what they say before they are refined into socially acceptable members of the community they live in. If uncomfortable situations can accelerate learning and growth, potentially as quickly as a child’s brain, we should be open to using these situations as a catalyst for our own development and individuality.”

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