PersonA Preview: Wake Up the Sun

March 23, 2016

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will release their fourth studio album “PersonA” on April 15. In anticipation of the album release, the band is giving Sharpies a sneak peek of what’s to come. Every week, ESMZ will release a small video clip created by each band member that includes a preview of a new song from the album.

This week’s preview: Wake Up the Sun .

From percussionist Orpheo McCord:

Wake Up the Sun is rooted in ancient rhythmic trance. Through repetition we begin to let go, the chatter in our minds quiet and we become the pulse. Trance music is found in many indigenous cultures around the world. I love that as an ensemble of musicians who grew up on western pop, we are beginning to integrate some of these tribal elements into our own music.
Wake Up the Sun is a love song unlike many others we hear in modern times. A song that goes beyond the dualistic nature of man and woman, through the depths of dogma to find that God is Love!”

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