Storytime: Emily Schelling

February 22, 2016

Age: 19

Hometown: Thunder Bay, Ontario

Occupation: College student

Hobbies/Interests: “Passion for singing, playing music and writing poetry.”

Emily Schelling

Emily Schelling

When and how did you discover Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros?
“I was on a road trip to London Ontario in a summer a few years back scrolling through eight tracks when Man on Fire came on.”

How many times have you seen ESMZ live?
“My first and only time seeing the ESMZ live was on my birthday in July at the Community Auditorium in my hometown Thunder Bay, Ontario. Most magical experience I will probably ever experience in my life.”

Can you describe what it was like getting to sing with Alex and the band? How did it all happen?
“Alex was having storytime with the audience, and I knew with him right there in front of me that this would be my one and only shot of asking him to sing with me. I reached my hand up for the mic and asked, ‘So today is my 19th birthday and I’ve always wanted to sing the beginning of All Wash Out with you.’ To my surprise he said ‘yes.’ Not only was I able to sing the first verse, I got to do the whole song with him on stage in front of everyone in my city who came out to see them. It had to be the most amazing moment in time. I thank the universe every day to have been able to experience a taste of my dreams.”

How has ESMZ influenced your life?
“ESMZ aren’t just a band to me. They’ve become a part of my life. Their songs are full of soul and create peace within me. Anytime I have an off day I put on a song from them to help lift my spirits. I’m a big believer in the Universe and the energies they give off are always positive. They influence my ability to strive with optimism over doubt, which can be extremely challenging to do. I’ve overcome a lot of personal setbacks with their music alone. And for that I am extremely thankful.”

What are your favorite ESMZ song(s)?
Life is Hard will always be my favorite song by them. Because it represents the beauty and truth within the struggles we face day to day in this life.”

Any additional comments?
“I will always hold this band near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life.”

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