Storytime: Raphaël and Mister Glinglin

August 17, 2014
David Wexler

Little Raphaël Maufret was born to love Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, literally. The love affair began on May 4, 2013 in Nantes, France, when little Raphaël was born while the song Janglin was playing in the hospital room. It was a beautiful moment for mother Sabrina Maufret.

“Nearly 14 month ago, I had the immeasurable, indescribable and amazing sunshine of my life, the happiness to welcome my baby boy, Raphaël,” Maufret said, “And he’s born (really goes out of my body ) on a song that will follow him all his life: Janglin — one of my favorites.”

For Maufret, 34, it only seemed fitting to name Raph’s favorite toy after ESMZ and one of her favorite songs. So she named the cuddly toy Jan Glin, alias Mister Glinglin. Today, Raph and Mister Glinglin are inseparable and have become “best friends forever.”

Janglin Souls recently caught up with Sabrina to talk ESMZ, Raphaël and Mister Glinglin.

When did you first discover Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros?

A: “I think it was 2 years ago, maybe more. I read an article in a music magazine. I liked what they said and I searched to listen to albums. I fell in love immediately.”

What drew you ESMZ? Why are you such a big fan?
A: “I LOVE the spirit, the rhythm, the positive vibrations their music give. I love the band and the way of life it suggests.

Have you seen ESMZ in concert?
A: “No, I haven’t see ESMZ in concert. I hope one day….. one of my dreams! 🙂 I’ll take Raph and Glinglin of course.”

How did you find this toy and how did it get its name Mister Glinglin?
A: “When I saw this toy the first time, I can’t explain to you. It ‘talked’ to me. His great face, his bonhomie, the sweetness of expression, his positive way to move. I knew that my babylove would become dear to it. When I came to the hospital to have my baby, I took with me CDs (I’m fond of music), and ESMZ was on my tracklist of course. When Raphaël put his head out of my belly, it was the song Janglin that was playing. I’ll let you imagine the unique moment — one of the most incredible things of my life with one of my favorite songs. So we decide to call the toy Jan Glin (Jan is a common nickname in French). So with time, it became Mister Glinglin. So ESMZ is linked forever to us. That is the whole story.”

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