ESMZ releases ‘Life is Hard’ video; talk next album

July 10, 2014
David Wexler

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros released a new video today for “Life is Hard” and opened up about plans for their fourth album.

The new video, released today to Rolling Stone, was directed by Benjamin Kutsko.

“It’s such a small slice of history, but it’s so much aggravation and pain and trauma,” said ESMZ frontman Alex Ebert. “And yet, there’s beauty in it somewhere, in the in-between moments, in the lives and the existence and the survival itself. Enduring itself is beautiful. That’s why I felt like the imagery and the song spoke to each other on some level.”

In an article in today’s Rolling Stone, Ebert touched on a variety of topics, including playing without Jade Castrinos, the origins of “Life is Hard” (from the band’s self-titled album released last summer) and the band’s future plans.

Ebert said the band’s next album would be more of a collaborative effort. He is trying to convince his bandmates to move down to New Orleans, where he lives and recently opened a new recording studio.

“We’re planning on doing one later this year, in the winter,” Ebert told Rolling Stones. “I’m always writing a bunch, and yet I’ve made a resolution to not write any more for Edward Sharpe when I’m alone, to only make it a group effort. Usually it’s been a solo process and I’ve written most of everything, so it’ll be really nice to just go around in a circle and do it together. So anything I’m writing now is probably not for Edward Sharpe. We’ll just come together as a band, because we’ve never really done that.”

Read the full story from Rolling Stone.

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