Storytime: Leah Levy

May 23, 2014


Age: 18 (I will be a freshman at Virginia Tech starting in fall of 2014)

Q: Where are you from?
Huntington, West Virginia

Q: How long have you been a fan of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros?
I discovered them in middle school but probably didn’t really begin to appreciate the music until high school.

Q: Why are you such a big ESMZ fan? What draws them to you?
Their music makes my soul feel good. I know that sounds cheesy and corny to say but everything seems alright when listening to their music, whether it be in a sad or happy state. The more I began to like them in high school, the more I began to like myself and I realized how much music can do for a person, especially when it’s being made by people that seem to enjoy so much of what they do. That seems nice.

Q: Have you seen ESMZ live? Describe your experience?
I saw ESMZ in Columbus, Ohio of August last year. Not only was it the first time I had been in the pit at a concert, it was also the first time someone told me they loved me. Somehow, some magical way, my best friend got the microphone first in the story-telling portion time of “Home,” and told me he loved me in front of thousands of people. We’re still together, and I think that boy is pretty darn tootin’ cool. After the show, we just picked up the trash in the pit because we were too in our feelings and didn’t want to go home just quite yet. It has remained the best night of my life.

Q: What inspired you to create your ESMZ paintings/drawings?
I enjoy making art to their art. The portrait of Jade was kind of a thank you to her, as her simply liking one of my photos on Instagram really helped me when I was living in Peru without the comforts of home. The other drawing I did was also done when I was living in Peru, as I was dreaming about being able to go to a Big Top show while also missing home, as the circus tent is drawn in a West Virginia landscape. The mug painting was just for fun, as music and art should be.

Q: What medium is used in creating the art?
The ceramic mug is painted with a variety of underglazes which was then fired in a kiln. The Big Top drawing is done in ink pen, and the portrait of Jade is done in colored pencils

Q: Do you have any other ESMZ art that you have completed or are working on?
 I am currently working on an acrylic painting on wood of the band … I just hope I have the patience to actually finish it.

Q: Any additional thoughts, comments (or stories) that you’d like to share?
About a week ago, some random stranger told me I should re-evaluate my life and to choose a new hobby when it came to my art. It of course bummed me out, but then I remembered Jade had once told me it was an honor for me to draw her, and then along came your e-mail, and I was reminded that life is strange and pretty awesome.

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  1. Your art is fantastic–I can really sense the emotion in it! Don’t let the naysayers keep you from doing what you enjoy.

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