Ebert wins first Golden Globe

January 13, 2014
David Wexler

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros frontman Alex Ebert captured his first Golden Globe tonight for his score in the film, “All is Lost.”

Sean Combs and Usher presented the award to Ebert, who attended the ceremony with his girlfriend, Roehm Hepler-González.

Ebert thanked director JC Chandor for “having the faith to see into what I had done before and thought I could do this.” It was Ebert’s first film score.

“Even the most deft pen is a clumsy tool, and yet we still try for magic,” Ebert said. “Thanks for letting me try — all over the movie.”

Combs joked about partying with Ebert on a boat in St. Barts.

“He came up from behind me and unbuttoned by jacket and said, ‘Let it flow.’ It was impressive,” Ebert said.

The film stars Robert Redford, whose character is simply referred to as “Our Man” in the script. Redford portrays a man who battles for survival after his sailboat is destroyed while sailing across the Indian Ocean.

The film features only one character and virtually no dialogue.

“This project was a dream – an open space to play in but also space to listen to the elements – wind, water, rain, sun, are the story’s other characters to me,” says Ebert. “I knew I had quite a task ahead of me: to at once allow the elements to sing and to give Redford a voice with which to, once in a while, respond.”

The soundtrack  features 11 compositions, all written, composed and produced by Ebert.  He plays several different instruments (including the synthesizer, crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls) and brought in bandmates Seth Ford-Young and Mark Noseworthy to play certain parts.

“The director had met with a few other composers and was looking for someone who had more of a personality that they could bring to the show,” said Brian Ling, ESMZ’s manager. “(JC) discovered that Alex had written and recorded all of this music by himself, and he was intrigued by Alex. So Alex and I met with the director at a hotel, and they started to talk about soundtracks and scores they’ve been into. From there, a rapport was built and it was clear that he wanted Alex to be a part of this.”

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  1. So awesome Alex! It was so exciting to see Alex receive his golden globe!!!!!

  2. Congrats to Alex! Awesome!

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