Winner: Guillermo Luna
Doheny State Beach, Dana Point, California
September 9, 2012

Thank you kindly for all your Photo Contest submissions. Below is a photo gallery of all the submissions.


  1. I saw ESMZ at firefly and when I saw them I only knew one song by them and I liked the song but they weren’t someone I was really interesting in seeing. I really wanted to have a good spot for the band after them though so I stayed for their whole set. Needless to say after the set I fell in love with them. The show they put on was by far my favorite at firefly. When I got home I kept listening to their music and kept falling more and more in love

  2. The reason why I bought my tickets to Les Ardentes was to see ESMZ (and Sharon van Etten) and I almost missed them.
    ESMZ was playing very early the first day of the festival, and I arrived a bit late (5 mn before the begginning of the concert), with my tent on my back. People at the entrance wouldn’t let me go in with the tent (obviously) and it was too late to put my tent in the camping. After heavy negociations, I ended up giving my tent to the people at the ticket office and I arrived only a few minutes late. By the end of the song, I new why I just crossed half of Belgium.

  3. My son was a huge fan of ESMZ he saw them live at Electric Forest, He made me a fan also. He passed away this past January and we played Carries On, 40 Daydream and Home at his funeral service. I listen to ESMZ every day. It helps me get the rough days without my son. On mothers day I stumbled across the song Mother by them and it meant so much to me. I hope one day to see them live… wishing my son could be there also but he will be there in spirit.

  4. Thank you for posting all of the pictures… what a joy to look at them all. ~Memories~

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