“Up From Below” Cover Song Video Contest


Congratulations to Nick Kamp for his winning entry — a hip-hop remix of “Home.”

Nick Kamp

Emily Rose & Jonny Wilde

Ryder Buck & The Breakers

Samantha MacAdam-Subedi

Corey Zaks

Andy Contreras


  1. This song will always take me back to the Big Top when Ryder Buck told his story of surviving cancer to an appreciative crowd! Thanks, ESMZ!!

  2. Good luck Jonny and em

  3. Hilarious x

  4. Gaat goed Nick!! gestemt

  5. Entertainment!!

  6. Super kids enjoying themselves

  7. Good luck you guys

  8. Absolutely love Sam’s cover on the harp— bringing a magical texture to this folk song, using a trad instrument— brilliant idea. Musicality is beautiful as well as the arrangement.

  9. Cory zacs gets my vote…hes been a lont time fan and his video shows how much they listen and love this band…with emotional sounding vocals and beautiful shots just adds to their authenticity:)

  10. All are wonderful creations – peace, love and music.

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