1. We would love to have you post our benefit For Joseph on your page.



  2. hi, I took some photos at yesterday’s shows in Cologne. My first Edward Sharpe concert. I am stunned by this great band. Here you find my pictures. Feel free to share with credits to http://www.dastapfereschneiderlein.rocks

  3. Thank you, I love all of your music dearly my husband were wed to 40 day dream. I know that it is insane to ask all of you to come to our little mountain town in the cascades, Leavenworth WA, We have a music festival coming up called Timbrr. I have an idea that this may never be read, on that note thank you for always producing amazing music, much love!\

  4. For everybody who is living or staying in Amsterdam!!!!

    11 – 19 july 2018 in Amsterdam!!

    Billy the Kid – a post-truth concert in court

    An international music-theater show about the American-Western icon, Billy the Kid. Billy gallops through many films, songs, biographies, and even scientific research. Was he a hero or a murderer? Still nobody really knows who he was, who his consorts were, how many lives he took, why and how he met his own end, or the extent to which his whole story is a myth. Society’s image of Billy the Kid has outgrown the realities of the historical figure, and with that, he has outgrown the truth. Perhaps what we want him to be is more important than what he really was?

    In this performance, theater collective Nineties Productions in co-production with Touki Delphine researches the concept of truth in our post-truth era.Twitter and facts are equally truthful, myths have become the truth and the truth is constantly mythologized. Not only Billy, but the truth itself will be put to trial.

    For this project, Nineties and Touki Delphine collaborate with two musicians of the American indie-folk band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Mitchell Yoshida and Orpheo McCord.

    Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13h_saDeDd8
    Tickets: https://www.ninetiesproductions.nl/billy-the-kid/

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