Video for ‘Automatic Youth’ released

July 11, 2019

In the second installment of a series of videos that Alex Ebert and Noaz Deshe have teamed up on, Automatic Youth sees Alex playing a driver who is seemingly tuned out to what is happening in and around his car while he sings and raps a very personal story about the balance of being a father in a relationship as an artist.

Alex and Noaz worked together on the video for Gold, which was released last month and features Alex “skurfing” through the streets of New Orleans. Noaz first worked with Alex back in 2015 when he filmed the epic video for Wake Up The Sun by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

“Most relationships are usually so wrought with fabrications of spiritual, mental, and physical fidelity it’s a wonder they stand at all,” Ebert said. “Yet there I was, in love, this time with the love of my early life, baby mama, the dream. Ah, but it crumbled under the weight of it all. Fine. But how to explain it all to our child’s incessant lobbying for our reunion? How to live now that the ‘automatic youth’ love injects into our flesh, stupefying us gleeful, has been forever banished from my chest (again), I thought… I’m ‘dead that way.’ A salted dog. Relegated to impervious snark… And then one day, from my perch of airtight philosophy, I feel it again… ‘my heart has a spirit,’ and with or without my consent, it has fallen (again). Good.”

Automatic Youth is one of three songs, along with Gold and Hands Up, that Alex has released that are a part of a forthcoming two-part album due out this fall on Community Music via AWAL Recordings.

Source: Community Music

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