Ebert ‘skurfs’ through New Orleans in latest video

June 27, 2019

Off the back of releasing three new songs from his forthcoming two-part double album, Alex Ebert has teamed up with director Noaz Deshe to film an epic video unlike anything you’ve seen done before for Gold.

“To me there’s something inherently absurd and almost comical about how much effort it takes to feel truly happy in this world,” Ebert says. “As someone who is often seen as a jubilant celebrationist, I thought it’d be the decent thing to let ya’ll know that I stumble and fail at this shit all day. Gold’s lyrics are basically a laundry list of self-help techniques I’ve tried and forgotten and then tried again. Life is tough, society is tougher, and my own brain can be the absolute cruelest. It’s all a wonderful video game crucible with true freedom as the prize for transcending – I’ve beat the game of life many times over in a day only to lose it as many times and have to work to regain it again. (As I write this, for instance, I’m pure fear and loathing).

“I knew this video should itself be an absurd effort at freedom, so when Noaz Deshe brought up the idea of surfing the streets, I thought it sounded perfect (so long as I surfed the freeways, too). We got a Boosted electric skateboard and screwed a surfboard onto the top of it with a piece of foam between. The feel of it is genuinely akin to surfing – we called it skurfing. I dressed myself up in a gold outfit just to be belligerent, and was determined to surf the New Orleans freeways as well — no stunt doubles and done without blocking off the freeway.”

Bottom line is now we’re starting a skurfing Krewe for Mardi Gras next year. Holler if you want in.”

Source: New Community Management

Gold, Automatic Youth and Hand’s Up are available now on all DSP’s. These three songs are part of a double album still to be titled, due out later this fall on AWAL and Community Music.

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