Ebert introduces social radio app

February 23, 2019
David Wexler

tuners1Alex Ebert is taking his voice to the virtual airwaves.

In August, the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros frontman introduced a new social media mobile app to the world – called Tuners. The app is billed as a social radio platform designed to give users “the ability to create and reply to audio threads, culminating in a crowdsourced capture of a voice conversation between participants.”

So very much like Reddit, but in audio forum.

Here’s how it works

  • Tuners is Social Radio that turns your phone into your own multi-band public broadcasting system.

  • Create as many #Stations as you want.

  • Comment on any post to add an Audio Thread to any #Station (just like the threads in a type-based discussion forum!).

  • Share entire #Stations online to share discussions, diaries, music, confessions – anything.

  • Post your audio.

  • Listen and respond to any user’s post. Make friends, learn, laugh, listen, respond, repeat.

Ebert has used the platform to discuss tracks off of his “In Support of 5ame Dude” project, as well as the eighth anniversary of the release of his “Alexander” solo album.

The app has been well received from users.

Among the reviews:

“Tuners is a social media platform based solely around audio recordings and uploads. Imagine Reddit or Twitter but without images and entirely with vocal and audio interactions. Artists, vocalists, musicians, voice actors, or even average joes can come together and interact in such a way that brings out a more truthful and honest side of us all, as we are forced to speak to the world through our replies and represent who we are with the most powerful thing we have: our voices. One of the most original ideas for a platform in recent history, and certainly one you should come along on the ride for.

“I had been searching for a while for a form of social media that felt real, not edited photos and edited captions that people use to make their lives seem more interesting or more perfect. Somewhere where people were sharing truth. I found it in this app.”

“Turners has democratized music. Real good looking app, but more importantly makes recording audio and experiencing music together seamless and fun.”

Download Tuners today!

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