Ebert unveils In Support of 5ame Dude

December 16, 2018

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros frontman Alex Ebert has released three collections of songs that he has recorded over the last 14-plus years. The collections, dubbed “In Support of 5ame Dude” volumes 1,2 and 3, are described by Ebert as: “In simple words, I’m letting it all hang out and claiming all of my various selves as my own.”

“I don’t consider these songs b-sides,” Ebert writes on Facebook. “My spirit is freer knowing these are out. Time needed to catch up with them.”

Ebert has, with the release of In Support of Same Dude, opened up to fans the various aspects of his extremely diverse musical career, from his work in Ima Robot, ESMZ and even his solo work, writes Christopher Lee of mxdwn.com.

“Fans will be able to see truly every nook and cranny of Sharpe’s creative mind,” Lee writes. “The three volumes that have come out so far mark the midway point of this fascinating retrospective.”

From the Broadway World:

“With the release of the EP series In Support of 5ame Dude, Alex Ebert is not only embracing the various eras and styles of his diverse musical career but showing the world that, deep down, he is nothing less than the sum of his parts. The dynamic frontman of groups Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Ima Robot, accomplished solo artist, and Golden Globe-winning composer has proven repeatedly that he will not be bound to any genre, style, or medium, and his ‘5ame Dude’ campaign serves as a retrospective in progress that reflects his ability to succeed as a creator no matter the format. From unreleased tracks made in 2004 about the pressures of songwriting for a major label with expectations, to other songs written and recorded around the time of his 2011 Alexander solo album, to hip-hop or folk or dance-rock, the three EP volumes mark the midway point of a multi-genre and multi-media retrospective of Ebert’s work.”

Vol. 1
Whatever We Did Last Night
Bubble Boy
Feeble Man’s Anthem
I’m Not Suicidal I Just Wanna Fly



Good Behavior
My Love, My Love
Unholy Night
Shut Your Mouth


Vol. 3

Lover Star
Glory Days
Only Love
I Was 5
The Bastard

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