Storytime: Kate Helms

December 30, 2017

Kate Helms

Kate Helms

Age: 19

Hometown: Moline, Illinois

Occupation: Full-time college student at Iowa State University

Hobbies/Interests: Guitar, music in general, tennis, gardening, baking, drawing

When and how did you discover Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros?
“I discovered ESMZ when I was in 7th grade through my sister. My sister is the one who really influenced my music taste. She bought their Up From Below album, and I immediately fell in love. I still love this band 6 years later.”

Have you seen ESMZ perform live?
“I’ve seen them only ONCE, in Peoria! I was a senior in high school so my parents are still protective of me so when I asked if I could go, they said ‘no.’ I was very disappointed because the band was going to be in Peoria, which is only an hour and a half away from me. However, my friend who is much more of a risk taker than me, convinced me that we should just buy the tickets and go anyway. I was very nervous leading up to the concert, thinking that something would go wrong — especially since I would be driving. My friend is the one who usually drives everywhere, but unfortunately her car was broke. The day of the concert I told my mom that I would be ‘spending the night at my friends house,’ so I left, picked up my friend, and we made the drive safely to Peoria. VERY easy drive. We got there much earlier than we planned, so we were right in the front! Wild Belle was the opener and they did a GREAT job. But when I saw Alexander come on the stage, my stomach dropped. I couldn’t believe I’d be seeing this band that I loved so much. Their performance was the most magical performance I had seen from any band. I can’t put into words how amazing it was. I got literal goosebumps when he sang Instant Karma by John Lennon, one of my favorite songs. After the show, I raced over with my friend to where they were exiting, and we shook Alexander’s hand and told him how much I love his music. Afterword, I cried tears of joy. So although I did lie to my parents, which I felt guilty about, I guess sometimes you have to take risks because it was truly the best night of my entire life.”

kate-helms_400How has ESMZ influenced your life?
“Their music has influenced my entire music taste, that’s for sure. I would have my mom listen to them with me when I was younger, and then my mom would show me other music based on them. I would definitely say that they have gotten me through some tough times as well. Their songs just radiate happiness and positivity, so when I’m feeling down, I can just play ESMZ.”

Favorite ESMZ song(s)?
Up From Below (it’s my favorite); I Don’t Wanna Pray; Remember to Remember; Fiya Wata; Janglin; 40 Day Dream; Two.
“I love all of their songs, these are just my favorites!”

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