July 12, 2016: Maine

July 13, 2016

Did you see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in Maine? Add the hashtag #edwardsharpemaine2016 to your Instagram photos

#edwardsharpemaine2016 @thompsonspoint @esmzeros @alex_ebert #edwardsharpe ...

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sending my love to everyone on stage during 'home' storytime with esmzeros in portland was one of the most cleansing experiences of my life. four consecutive years of seeing this band all over the east coast i finally got to tell the zeros how their harmonic contribution to society has changed me for the better. i am a more open, loving, spiritual person due mainly in part to edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros. i will be a janglin soul for the rest of my days. thanks to fellow magnetic mama sleepyladyy who bought me the tickets for my 21st birthday #edwardsharpemaine2016 #edwardsharpe ...

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