PersonA Preview: Lullaby

April 2, 2016

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will release their fourth studio album “PersonA” on April 15. In anticipation of the album release, the band is giving Sharpies a sneak peek of what’s to come. Every week, ESMZ will release a small video clip created by each band member that includes a preview of a new song from the album.

This week’s preview: Lullaby.

From Mitchell Yoshida:

“What is a moment of quiet with a loved one in our chaotic world? In the universe of PersonA, this is that moment. Amidst splintered timbres of derivatives and jagged chaos exists a world, a universe of its own: two hearts, parent and child. It is eternity; it is a molecule of water in an endless ocean.

As we reach the midterms of our lives, we gain perspective on the ebb and flow of life, of perpetual motion, rotation and revolution. We see the outgoing tides pulling at the heels of our parents, the waists of our grandparents. And we see regeneration, the genesis of our love and the wild dance of DNA, a crazy, insane miracle that laughs and cries and dances and sings and bounces off the walls.

This quiet moment is a meditation. It is eschewal of chaos and war and hunger and politics and greed for just a billionth of nanosecond, to sing to sleep the little tabula rasa that knows not of the evils in the world. It is a reflection on what it means to be human, what it means to be a child, what it means to be innocent, naked and careless. From the cosmic perspective, this moment is nothing. From our perspective, it is everything. Is time linear or cyclical? Can we ever become children again? The world spins round.”

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  1. Hi guys!!! Loved This song. Since I first Heard lullaby I feel deeply shaken. Its A song my Dad could Have wrote for me.. Touched something deep inside me. Im french, And I dont understand The Whole song, few lines missing. Can someone help me And write me The lyrics ?? That Would Be So kind!! So I could sing It To my son, To Whom I gave The name Alexander !!!
    Thanks for The good vibes

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