Edward Sharpe wraps up summer tour

November 1, 2015
David Wexler

What was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ summer tour like? One fan — after seeing ESMZ live at the Winnipeg Folk Festival — perhaps summed it up best: “There’s always something magical happening at a ESMZ show.”

The 2015 summer tour had a little bit of everything. Wheelchair crowd surfing. Marriage proposals. Street performing at Prospect Park. Alex Ebert and Peter Yarrow talking social change and singing Blowing in the Wind together at the Arise Festival. Magic.

And of course, ESMZ fans everywhere were there to capture their favorite moments and share them on Instagram, because as @meghanmeghanmeghan says, “If you go to a concert and don’t Instagram it did it really even happen?”

In August, in what many band members described as the most magical moment of the three-day Osheaga Festival in Montreal, ESMZ invited a paraplegic and a few of his friends on stage during the band’s performance of If I Were Free. With a little help from the fans, wheelchair-bound François Bernier crowd-surfed to the main stage and joined the Zeros for the final two songs. Naturally, Instagram quickly blew up with photos, cell phone videos and beautiful comments. In June, at the Lawn on the D Washington, D.C., Ebert led a sitdown singalong with the crowd during All Wash Out. “If everyone sits on someone else’s lap, nobody’s ass actually touches the ground. Think about it,” he joked.

Take a look at some of our favorite Instagram comments from Sharpies regarding the tour:

To anyone who actually knows me, you’ll know why I was jazzed to see these guys and get to dance face to face with Alex Ebert to “Man on Fire..” A night I won’t be forgetting for the rest of my life. – @trevorlstevens

this is the band you want to dance with all night, whether you have talent or not – @oktlyn_

One of the most special shows I’ve ever been to. Especially with many great friends to experience it with. I’ll never forget going backstage and getting to meet Alex from #edwardsharpe. After years of his music impacting my life, his spirit and words that night will stay with me forever. – @mrmeyer

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros last night and it was f-ing magical! The girl playing the sax came out of nowhere and killed it!! @sagew0lfSaw

Not only did we sing & dance with him all night.. we were able to meet and speak with Alex Ebert about social change through music. – @lizadoda

Alex from Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros dancing and singing with everyone in the crowd is too much love to handle. Such an awesome performance! – @lorapope

Life complete @allynwunderland

Sharpe killed it!! – @bpenney13

Thank you so much @esmzeros!! I’m that guy in wheelchair and I’ll never forget that moment and still can’t believe that it happened! It was truly unreal! – Bernier

Incredibly moving and inspiring moment today at Osheaga in Montreal. People taking care of people.” – @picocole

thank you @alex_ebert for the most magical night of my life… watching you perform literally brought tears to my eyes. it was so empowering walking through the streets of Brooklyn with you & the hug you gave me was freeing. I will always admire your beautiful soul – @vctrptrn

I’ve seen hundreds of shows and this is defiantly one of the best! Wow! @dularidzenyc

Happiness is good music and bare feet on a blanket. Hands down one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Edward Sharpe with Preservation Hall Jazz Band joining him on “I Don’t Wanna Pray.” – @stevie_boothe

most. spiritual. experience. ever. @brian.joe ekkielynn

I really don’t know you guys are aware of the impact you have on your audiences. I have been to 1 of your concerts and I plan on going to many many more. We where the first in line to see you guys at The London Music Hall. …and it was well worth the 4 hrs we waited. You never disappoint us with your remarkable performances…no just @alex_ebert but every single one of you guys. Your heart and soul are left on the stage while performing and it stays there until your done. @debbie_halleran

This moment is proof that when we all work together the world can be accessible for everyone. @mandajoanlittle

Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros were amazing. I may have a new favourite band. @devanleiigh

Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros: you change lives with every concert you put on..thank you. @kelly_strudwick

This is why you guys are awesome, you don’t simply do music, but you change lifes! @purpleliz

Blue Moon over Alex’s head. So fucking impressed by the Hinterland folks for turning on a dime and saving the festival after the initial site was flooded 48 hours before doors. @messick1

Perfect show. My face hurts because I smiled too much – @mapitoune

Last night @esmzeros stole my heart at @londonmusichall – @letloveout

goal: to live life as beautifully as the magnetic zeros – @oktlyn_

#edwardsharpe breathes fire into your soul. Simply magical. – @alaetra_lorisa

Thanks for making our bodies burn like old big suns – @abikalehay

Second row for Edward Sharpe with @zoemilwaukee and all FOR FREE! Plus we discovered the most beautiful piano/trombone player to ever exist. – @katieley13

From pulling fans on stage to sing, to asking us which song to play next, and to singing in the crowd with us (+ shaking my hand), @esmzeros have inspired me and performed the greatest show that I have ever been to. Thank you – @dave3montgomery

Love radiates beauty… – – @tshear15

This was incredible. @esmzeros every show I go to is better than the last! – @_matthew_ryan_

Fucking incredible start to ESMZ’s summer tour! Loose and jammy, yet tight and totally dialed at the same time. #royaloak – @messick1

@esmzeros was pretty awesome and it ended with circle time! Who else gets the entire crowd to sit and sing?! #allwashout – @carlieannew



Summer Tour Photos:

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