ESMZ steals show, hearts at Osheaga

August 3, 2015
David Wexler

In what was described as the most magical moment of the three-day Osheaga Festival in Montreal, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros invited a paraplegic and a few of his friends on stage today for the final two songs of the band’s set.

francoisDuring ESMZ’s If I Were Free, wheelchair-bound François Bernier crowd-surfed to the main stage with the help of the fans.

“Thank you so much @esmzeros!!” Bernier commented on Instagram. “I’m that guy in wheelchair and I’ll never forget that moment and still can’t believe that it happened! It was truly unreal!”

Instagram was instantly blowing up with pics, videos and some beautiful comments. Here are just a few:

“Incredibly moving and inspiring moment today at Osheaga in Montreal. People taking care of people.” – ESMZ trumpet player Stewart Cole (@picocole)

“Yesterday’s set at Osheaga is one I’ll never forget. In a moment of pure serendipity, as the band started ‘If I Were Free’ this young man was carried by his friends through 40,000 people up to the stage. Magical tear jerking moment. When you are open to the world, the world is open to you. Be kind to each other out there.” – @messick1

“Hands down, the most beautiful moment of #Osheaga2015. With the help of the crowd, this fan was lifted and carried all the way to the front, where he joined #edwardsharpe onstage. Needless to say, most of us were left crying.” – @nu_mtl

“During #EdwardSharpeAndTheMagneticZeros some guys crowd surfed their friend in his wheel chair and the band brought him up on stage. #AndICriedLikeABitch – @shelbelle15

“@esmzeros did the coolest thing tonight. So it was literally a sea of people. The cameras came across a man, crowd-surfing who was in a wheelchair, which in itself was already, really pretty amazing to see, BUT then #EdwardSharpe&theMagneticZeros invited the man onstage, extended their instrumental break, and waited patiently as he surfed up to the front, and did not continue the set until he and his friends were up there with them. #amazing moment.” – @kennedyzielke

“Edward Sharpe with the most heartwarming moment of osheaga: – @jasonham_

“The picture doesn’t do this moment justice but Edward Sharpe got me crying a little (along with the security guard next to me) when he brought this guy on stage. Such a great end to the set.” – @chris_barbieri

“Edward Sharpe stole the show, and almost made me cry. The most beautiful festival moment #osheaga #edwardsharpe #manoftheyear” – @kelmac89

“Edward Sharpe, you blew my mind. Had to hold back the tears.” – @erokasg

“There’s always something magical happening at a ESMZ show” – @jillyjee


  1. Of course this happened. I am not surprised. Soon enough impaired people will be cured by the Sharpies.

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