Q&A with Dan Stiles

June 30, 2015

Q: What were some of your initial inspirations artwork for pcreating the gig poster for the July 16, 2012 Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros show from Leeds?
A: I was initially inspired by the male/female duet in the song Home.

Q: What were you trying to convey in your ESMZ poster?
A: It’s an image about love, about seeing into someone else’s soul.

Q: Describe your creative process for interpreting and transforming music into a poster art?
A: It’s different every time. In this instance, I sat with the album and waited for something about the music to catch my ear. I kept coming back to the vocal duet in Home and the love story it tells. From there I distilled what I was hearing into a simple graphic image. It isn’t a science. I do it more by a gut feeling.

Q: Were you a fan of ESMZ before you were asked to create the poster art?
A: Yes. I try to work with music I like. It makes the task so much more fun and rewarding.

Q: How did you get into creating poster art for musicians?
A: I’ve been doing it forever. I started out making Xerox posters for bands that were playing on campus when I was in college and I never quit.

For more information about Dan Stiles, visit www.danstiles.com.

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