Storytime: Jette Jakobsen

June 25, 2015

Name: Jette Jakobsen

Age: 59

Occupation: Self-employed

Christian Letts and Jette Jakobsen

“I live in Esbjerg, a lovely city by the west coast of Denmark.”

“My interests are music, a walk in the nature,’ and when I am in the nature, I enjoy taking pictures of the beautiful surrundings. And of course, I love spending time with my family and friends.”

When and how did you discover Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros?
“I’m a very big fan of ESMZ. I listen to ESMZ every day. I’ve been to a lot of concerts over the years, many great experiences. But there’s nothing that I can compare with the happiness that I’m feeling when I’ve been to ESMZ concerts.”

How many times have you seen ESMZ live? When and where? Describe your experience(s).
“I’ve seen them four times now, and hope they will come to Denmark again soon. My first concert with ESMZ was back on Aug. 13, 2011 in Copenhagen. My son asked if I wanted to go with him, but I didn’t know the band at that time, and actually I had other agreements that weekend. But then I got curious and started listen to some songs on YouTube. I was blown away. I was playing the songs before I go to work and then when I was home again in the evening. I couldn’t stop listening. I think in that week before the concert in Copenhagen, I had been listening to everything that there was on YouTube at that time, especially the song Carries On from 2011 in Mexico. That song really touched me deep. I don’t even know have many times I have seen that video, but that was the one that really turned everything upside down and felt kind of blessed.

That Saturday, ESMZ played in Copenhagen. I was up early that morning. I sat down and started listening to some of their songs, and suddenly it hit me. I have to go to that concert tonight with my son, whatever the cost. I simply got to see this band live. I’m not the impulsive kind of type, but there were still tickets, so I bought two tickets. All my other obligations were cancelled. My husband and I drove 300km to the venue. That impulsive day was the best thing I have done in my whole life – a great and lovely experience that I will never forget.”


How has ESMZ influenced your life?
“Why does this music touch me so deep in my heart and soul? Well, I think it has something to do with all the close people I have lost over the years. Deep inside me, I was not really happy. I was carrying a heavy grief. I tried my best to be the person I have always been. This lovely band and music changed me. Eventually I found happiness inside myself again – kind of like the band and the people in that band had some kind of healing effect on me. Seeing ESMZ live and the way they express their love to the fans is so beyond beautiful. I felt really comfortable in the crowd – despite my age compared to most people there … but music has no age.

I had to see ESMZ again. So on July 13, 2012, my husband and I drove 700km and took a 4-hour boat trip just to get to Vikedal in Norway. That afternoon, we were so lucky to meet some of the people from the band. And after the concert, we met Alexander. What a great experience to get so close and everything was just down to earth.
On July 3, 2013 we drove down to Hamburg, Germany with my son and daughter-in-law – another great night with ESMZ.

The last concert I have seen (Feb. 2, 2014) was in London, Brixton with my other daughter-in-law. That was her first concert and she was really excited. We had a great trip to London. I’m very happy and I appreciate that we share this is my family, so wonderful.”

Favorite ESMZ song(s)?
“It’s hard to choose a favorite song, but Carries On is the one that means the most for me. I really like Please, Give Me A Sign, Janglin, Awake My Body (Alexander), 40 Day Dream and I Don’t Wanna Pray … but the list is endless. i enjoy them all.”

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