Q&A with David Welker

March 18, 2015

Q: What were some of your initial inspirations in creating the tour poster artwork for ESMZ’s 2013 Portland, Maine poster?
A: Well, I definitely have a kindred spirit with the music. The initial inspiration came from the song Mother, although the final illustration doesn’t fully address the relationship between mothers and sons to the extent that the song does.

Q: What were you trying convey in your ESMZ poster?
A: There is something physical, visceral, spiritual and communal in the ESMZ’s vibe, so I wanted to convey that visually.

Q: Describe your creative process for interpreting and transforming music into a poster art?
A: For me, the process works best when I can focus on one song and let the vibe itself guide me over the course of a few days of putting pencil to paper. The result of that relationship is for me what makes doing concert posters a highly unique, rare and exciting creative process.

Q: Were you a fan of ESMZ before you were asked to create the poster art?
A: Yes, but the poster process brought me deeper into their vibe.

Q: How did you get into creating poster art for musicians?
A: I’ve always been deeply inspired by music and most specifically, live music, so it was a natural path I suppose.

For more information about David Welker, visit www.ba-reps.com/illustrators/david-welker.

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