Storytime: Sam Cunningham

March 16, 2015

Name: Sam Cunningham

Age: 18


“I’m from Aurora, Ontario but I live in Halifax now!”

Music, Science, travel, cooking.

Sam CunninghamWhen and how did you discover Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros?
“I don’t entirely remember how this wonderful band came into my life. I believe that it was searching for new music through YouTube videos where a song, probably Home, popped up and I’ve never looked back.”

How many times have you seen ESMZ live? When and where? Describe your experience(s).
“Unfortunately I’ve never seen ESMZ live, but that doesn’t stop me from checking all their concert dates.”

How has ESMZ influenced your life?
“I can’t even fully communicate how ESMZ has influenced my life. They are my favorite, and most important band in my life. They represent pure love, happiness and acceptance to me, and are who I want to become. I listen to them to remind myself to calm down and just take a couple breaths, because everything always works out. ESMZ has calmed me down in so many situations and helped me become a more balanced, accepting person.”

Favorite ESMZ song(s)?
Child, Fiya Wata, This life, Brother. But really every song is my favorite.”

Additional notes, comments, favorite ESMZ stories, etc.:
“Just the fact that it is so obvious that they make music for the sheer love of it makes me incredibly happy and proud to be a fan.”

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