Ryder Buck: ‘Leave Your Light On’

December 8, 2014

“525,600 minutes… How do you measure a year?”

In a child passed, in his songs discovered… magically, miraculously, surfacing unexpectedly, one-by-one.

In the recording, producing and distributing of his final work — “Leave Your Light On.”

Ryder Buck, a rising star in the indie singer-songwriter genre, passed suddenly, tragically, a year ago, after winning a year-long battle with cancer, and realizing his dream of meeting and jamming with his favorite band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, at the Big Top in Los Angeles.

Ryder BuckRyder was a prolific writer, using his year of chemotherapy to reflect on life’s meaning, and its value. Jubilant in his new-found health, Ryder was launching forward — writing and recording new songs in the studio until his last day.

These recordings have made their way, one-at-a-time, into the hands of his mother, Shelley Buck, who continues the search through his journals, friends’ phone recordings, and studio archives. Somehow, Ryder’s songs are finding their way home.

The magic
One morning after his passing and before dawn, Shelley was awakened by one of Ryder’s songs playing spontaneously on her computer. The smile it brought to her face lasted all day. “I don’t use the word ‘coincidence’ anymore. I prefer ‘miracle.’”

“Our goal is to share his music with the world. It is too good to keep to ourselves, though just having it is a comfort, a blessing.”

The few precious tracks recorded with Ryder’s own voice have now been filled out with a full band, mixed, mastered, and are being distributed through EaglesQuest Music at ryderbuckmusic.com. A portion of all proceeds benefits the Ryder Buck Music Scholarship at his alma mater, La Cañada High School. Ryder’s story in pictures, quotes and lyrics, is included in a 32 page insert with the CD.

His band, Ryder Buck & the Breakers, continues to play and record his songs, appearing at venues throughout the L.A. area. A tour and second CD are planned for 2015, with his youngest brother, Reed on lead vocals.

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