Paris, France – A fan’s perspective

January 29, 2014

(Editor’s note: Stéphanie Morin, of Cluny, Burgundy. France, attended her first Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros concert Tuesday with her friend Zoe Petty, at the L’Olympia in Paris, France. Below is her recap.)

The concert yesterday was really terrific!

We still believe that the band is probably better in open-field festivals, since in a concert area, you have a timing to respect, the crowd is not as free, etc. But the experience worth it!

They lasted almost two hours, (the first part was great, too.)

The audience would not leave the L’Olympia and cheered more for like 10 minutes.

“We are allowed only one more song,” Alex said in a smile, and we all felt they would have wanted to stay longer. But they just could not.

After that last song, the crowd cheered more a while longer, but the lights went back on and that was it.

Fantastic vibes … you really get that they want to communicate with the audience. Alex and Jade took the time to go and see some people in the audience, talked to them, let them sing. Overall, they are extremely communicative in their body language and spontaneity. I loved the fact that all the members in the band had time to perform on their own, added some stuff to the melody, changed instruments.

As the audience, you also appreciate the interaction between them, like if you would assist to a normal day in their life. They would giggle about something on stage, talk to each other. Very nice atmosphere. Everyone was really feeling somewhere else after the concert. It was one of those nights, raining and freezing in Paris … but no one really cared after all.

– Stéphanie Morin

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