Ebert receives Golden Globe nomination

December 12, 2013
David Wexler

Alex Ebert received his first Golden Globe nomination for his score for “All is Lost,” the open-water thriller directed by J.C. Chandor and starring Robert Redford.

Just a week ago, his score was named The Playlist’s Best Film Score of 2013.

“I was sleeping with ear plugs in because I live in New Orleans and my girlfriend ran in and shook me and said, ‘You got nominated for a Golden Globe!’ I think I repeated ‘Are you serious?’ a few times,” Ebert told Variety.com.

Ebert told Variety that he was blown away by the nomination.

“The idea of being recognized and people coming together to reward people for the work that has touched them is really meaningful,” Ebert said.

Read the full story from Variety.

On Oct. 1, Community Music, the record label for ESMZ, released Ebert’s soundtrack to the film, which featured 11 new compositions, all written, composed and produced by Ebert. Nearly all are instrumentals, except for Amen!, which was more than worth the stay during the final credits of the movie.

“It’s really beautiful,” said Bryan Ling, manager of ESMZ. “It really has a soul behind it; you can feel it.”

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