Fans Urged To Create Listening Parties

July 20, 2013

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros wants fans to bring their communities together to celebrate the release of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!

The self-titled album will be released on July 23 in the United States.

“We’d love for you all to throw a listening party to commemorate the initial release,” the band said. “This is a chance to celebrate with fellow fans while listening to your free download of the album.”

Here’s more from the band’s post on Community Music:

“If you’re interested and can throw it the day of release- Send an e-mail to with your name, age and city. Give us the lowdown on the party you want to throw, how many people might attend, and where you’d have it (at your house, a local pub, etc). If selected, we’ll send you a download of the album.

At the party, document the fun either by photos or video. The one we think is the most fun will get a signed copy of the album on Vinyl along with some other merch goodies.

Last year, responses for the Here listening parties were staggering. We heard from people around the world that truly went above and beyond with incredible ideas. We received pictures and videos of innovative celebrations including a personalized tattoo, a fundraiser for financial aid, and a nighttime mountain top painting party. The winner was Freddie Paull from Scottsdale, AZ. The video is beautifully done and incredibly touching.”

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